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About Us

Asset finance

Translation agency in the heart of Milan, close to the Law Courts for all your legalisation and certification needs.

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Why Choose Us

Asset finance

We have worked with some of the largest global and multinational companies.

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Translation process

Asset finance

Contact us for a free quote and for turnaround time of your translation requirements.

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  • We provide timely support

    We pride ourselves of the highest degree of customer service to provide language solutions that meet our clients' needs. We can be reached 24 hours as a day and ensure a reliable service that can meet all budgets and needs. We ensure accuracy and relibility and assist with the smooth provision of all legalisation services.
    • Open all year round
    • Timely services
    • Legalisation advice
    • Global translators
    • Working with Embassies and consulates
    • Full support
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  • We keep our word

    We work to deadlines and ensure delivery of translations as requested.
    • High standard of client relationship
    • Efficient service
    • Hot-desking for all business needs
    • International based translators
    • Affordable pricing for individual clients
    • Tailored language solutions for businesses
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Why choose us?

We Design

We design tailor made solutions for your interpreting needs, whether that be for conferences, courts of law hearings or business meetings. Our experience in the provision of language and support services for conferences assists with the smooth running of any business event.

We Provide

Aside from certified translations and interpreting services, we provide for all your business needs, ranging from intensive language courses to short-term/long-term hot-desking.

We are You

We understand the importance of localisation and the communication requirements of where our clients are based.

We Create Space

We hire spacious meeting rooms for meetings, seminars and small conferences in a very convenient location close to the centre of Milan and next to the lawcourts.

We Inspire

We adhere to the highest code of conduct at both national level but also with the European code of conduct for translators and interpreters, inspiring professional services in the language sector.

We are online

You can contact us anytime and anywhere to request a quote online and receive an answer within a short time span.

We Listen

We understand that any one translation is not the same as another and listen to client needs to understand what is the best option available.

We Delegate

Our network of highly qualified translators enables us to delegate work to professionals with specialist areas of expertise ensuring an accurate reflection of original documents in terms of meaning and terminology.


We can translate any text in any language and all our translations are done by certified translators who work to the highest professional standard. The high quality and competitive pricing of our services makes us unique.

We do not standardise our translations as we understand that all clients have different needs, as such our prices vary according to our clients' requirements. Whether as a medium-sized enterprise or as a large organisation or individual we understand that every translation is best assessed individually. Whatever service you need, call us for a free quote with no hidden charges so we can advise how we can best address your needs.

What our clients say

  • S D. Italian-English legal documents translated to the highest accuracy and terminology.

    S D. Client 2015
  • R RoddiEfficient service with documents translated and delivered to a timely schedule with all required legalisation costs.

    R Roddi Client 2016
  • A N All documents were translated and legalised in a timely manner. Professional staff and good client service.

    A N Client 2016

Studio Chessa
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Tel +39 02 546 6210
Fax +39 02 550 17949

P.IVA 04110270966

Our Values

Translators and interpreters with Studio Chessa are highly experienced and work to the highest professional standards.

Our localisation skills means we understand language and cultural differences and adopt this throughout our services.

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